Dentist and Dental Implants Serbia

Behind our words stand our deeds. Behind our deeds stands our knowledge.

Maxillofacial surgery and implantology are fields that,​ except medical and dental knowledge, call for continual practice and manual skills. It is impossible to perform surgery occasionally, once or twice a month. What we do are top quality surgery and dentistry. We do not accept any less than that. Complete dedication to every individual patient is our way of doing it. And why we do it that way- because we want top quality for our patients.

We are not the clinic that guarantees the cheapest implants that will give you a two-day shining smile. Why? Because our mission as the clinic is the quality, and we find it our responsibility. Because we want the results of our work to last for a long time. Because we do not want you to have a problem. Because we stand behind our work.

At this place, you can only get the highest quality with the highest professionalism of the staff. At Markov Dental Clinic we use and install only premium quality materials and products. We do not accept average and we do not accept work that is not extraordinary.

We are a clinic where dentists and oral surgeons send their patients when a case is difficult because we know how to deal with it. When we finish the surgical part of the treatment, patients return to their dentist for further planned treatment. In case you do not have your dentist, we are here to give you our full support.

Our door will always be open for our fellow dentists that want to cooperate for the full benefit of the patient. We provide individual and group education. In addition to advice and top quality surgical services, we offer full support in the case of complications that we deal with professionally and enthusiastically.

Our work is well documented. Each patient that comes with a referral letter will receive a report. Each patient is informed about costs in advance. We do not give nor seal fictitious guarantees. We stand behind everything with our professional and personal integrity.

Extraordinary surgery. Personalised care.

Markov Dental Clinic is established in 2016 and situated in Novi Sad, Markov Dental Clinic has gathered a team of refined and experienced experts in the field of dentistry and oral and maxillofacial surgery.

We strive to, through providing innovative care based on years of training and experience, put smiles back on our patients’ faces, as we believe that everyone has a right to a perfect smile.

Dental tourism

One thing is for certain – should you apply for the dental tourism programme at Markov Dental clinic, we guarantee you will be returning home with a beaming smile courtesy of our dental services topped of with an all-around pleasant stay in Novi Sad

Dental tourism is a branch of tourism which is rapidly gaining popularity amongst Western European citizens. Serbia in particular is one of the most popular destinations. The term is self-explanatory: patients arrive for the dental and surgical interventions, and stay for the beauty.

dentalni turizam srbija
stomatoloska ordinacija u novom sadu

Markov Dental Clinic specializes in maxillofacial surgery, which offers a wide range of dental services, particularly in the field of oral and maxillofacial surgery, as well as implantology.

Furthermore, our clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and designed to provide our patients with the perfect dental care experience.

Getting here

Address: Krilova 9, 21000 Novi Sad

Hours: 10-20h