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What Impact Does Coffee Have on Our Teeth?

Most of us can’t live without a daily dose of coffee. ☕️ But, does that drink hinder the brightness of the smile it puts on our faces?  HOW DOES COFFEE COLOUR TEETH? Even though teeth enamel is one of the strongest substances in the human body, it isn’t straight and narrow. On the contrary, it contains microscopically sized dents which […]


Dental implants represent long term alternative for missing teeth. Teeth are really strong and durable when healthy. They don’t only chew through all of the hard and crispy foods, they also hold the structure of our jaw and they are there to stay for the rest of our lives. But, in case you are an adult, you are bound to […]

Dental Care – Top 5 Myths

TOP 5 MYTHS – BUSTED Održavanje zuba Dental care has become this complicated thing from a really simple one. Our minds are fascinating, ready to jump through loops to convince us everything is under control. It is very concerning that we ignore so many signs and that we view myths as truth in order to make it easier for ourselves […]

Bleeding Gums – Causes

Bleeding of the gums can be caused by one simple thing like for example a bad teeth brushing technique, but it can also be a sign of some kind of a health issue which you should look into. THE MOST COMMON CAUSES OF GUM BLEEDING Gingivitis – a disease which causes gum inflammation Rough teeth brushing or using a brush […]

Wisdom Teeth – Possible Complications

Our oral cavity goes through plenty of changes during our lives. One of the bigger ones usually happens between 17th And 21st year of life and it is wisdom teeth growth. When they grow the right way, healthy wisdom teeth help with chewing. It is normal to feel discomfort until they come through completely but if you have pains you […]

Nobel Biocare Dental Implants

Nobel Biocare is a company which is said to be the pioneer of the dental implants. Their story begun in the late 1952. when the company’s founder, back then a young scientist, Per-Ingvar Brånemark was studying the bloodstream of rabbits and for that reason he put a titanium part inside a rabbits bone for research purposes. Experiment was successful but […]