Dental implants represent long term alternative for missing teeth. Teeth are really strong and durable when healthy. They don’t only chew through all of the hard and crispy foods, they also hold the structure of our jaw and they are there to stay for the rest of our lives. But, in case you are an adult, you are bound to lose at least one tooth during your life and you need something to make up for it. Why it’s important that you make up for the lost tooth? – you can read about it in our blog IS it necessary to make up for one lost tooth? Maybe you are scared that dental implants can’t offer you the same strength and durability as your natural tooth, but the advanced technology of today actually allows you to replace the lost tooth with an implant of same strength.

Of course, it is very important which dental implants your dentist uses. Don’t fall for something cheap with a promise of high quality because the two don’t really go together. You can read about the prices and implant quality here. At the Markov Dental Clinic, our dentist dr sci. med. Borislav Markov uses only the best dental implants made by German “Ankylos” and Swiss “Nobel Biocare”.

Dental implants are actually pillars made out of titanium which are inserted into bone where the tooth used to be. Titanium is very durable, versatile and safe material that merges with jawbones in a few months. This forms an alternative root and with good care stays perfectly in place for the rest of the life.

Considering your dental implants have to connect with the jaw, the strength of your jaw can impact the implantation performance. That’s why bone reconstruction is important before dental implants are placed if the jaw is weak. Dental implants can last your whole life of they are installed right, protected and taken care of. Of course, they have to be high quality as well. Having in mind that implants help keep the natural face shape and smile it is easier to speak, chew and look completely natural while doing so.

 The process of implantation should only be done by highly trained professional who is a certified implantologist. Dr sci. med. Borislav Markov is a certified implantologist with over a decade of experience, even in the extreme cases when the whole jaw needed reconstruction because of a tumour. If you are ready to bring back your smile with strong, durable implants which look natural call +381 21 300 65 21 or contact us by filling out the following form.


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