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Zygomatic dental implants are a long-term solution for missing teeth, when the patient does not have enough bone to install traditional dental implants. If you have been told that there is no adequate solution for your toothlessness, perhaps zygomatic dental implants are the solution for you. Dr. Borislav Markov works on even the most difficult cases, and with zygomatic dental implants at Markov Dental Clinic, we offer a solution to unsolvable cases by a top expert.

It is important for us to provide you with the highest quality. That’s why we will pay special attention to each patient, look at the possibilities, wishes and condition of the teeth and jaw, and based on that we will propose solutions.

We want the solution we create for you to be long-lasting. Dr. Sci. med. Borislav Markov, maxillofacial surgeon and implantologist, is regularly training to improve his skills and has several decades of work experience.

Zygomatic implants
We have a solution

If you are missing all or most of the teeth in your jaw, if you were told that there is no solution to your problem because your bone has decayed – continue reading this text.

Zygomatic or zygoma dental implants represent an alternative for those patients who have been told that they are not candidates for dental implant surgery due to lack of bone. With zygomatic implants, we solve the unsolvable.

Typically, patients who have had significant bone loss do not have the necessary bone to support traditional dental implants and would require too many iterations of bone grafting to eventually allow traditional dental implants to be placed.

Patients may be missing bone for various reasons, such as long-term tooth loss, trauma, cancer, tumors in the jaw area, and others. Those patients in the past had to undergo extensive bone augmentation (grafting) to regenerate or restore enough bone mass to support traditional dental implants.

With the installation of zygomatic implants, there is no need for bone grafting. Zygomatic implants are directly implanted in the cheekbones.

Zygomatic implants – from total toothlessness to teeth in one day

Although, compared to traditional dental implants, these implants may look scary, the procedure is performed under local anesthesia. Zygomatic implants are fixed in place inside the zygomatic bone, and the temporary prosthesis can be fixed immediately, until complete restoration is achieved. After a certain time, permanent teeth are placed, i.e. permanent prosthesis.

At Markov Dental Clinic, we use the most modern and world-class dental implants Nobel biocare zygomatic dental implants.

Asst. Dr. Sci. med. Borislav Markov has been installing dental implants in Novi Sad for more than two decades, but he also performs all maxillofacial and oral surgery procedures. At Markov Dental Clinic, we are guided by the motto “Behind our words, there are our actions, behind our actions, there is our knowledge.” It is extremely important for us to offer patients the best possible quality and the highest level of expertise. That’s why Dr. Borislav Markov has successfully solved the most difficult cases, and the office uses dental implants of premium world brands – Nobel biocare, Ankylos and Straumann dental implants.

We can help patients who are missing only one tooth, as well as patients who are completely toothless. We want to dedicate ourselves to you. We want you to know that you are in safe hands and that you do not walk through the process of installing dental implants with fear, but with confidence. That’s why we will do our best to provide you with all the necessary information, so that you fully understand the procedure.

Behind our words, there are our actions.

Behind our actions, there is our knowledge.

Behind our actions, there is our knowledge.

Maxillofacial surgery and implantology are professions that, in addition to medical and dental knowledge, also require constant training and manual skills. It is not possible to perform surgery occasionally, once or twice a month. What we do is superior surgery and dentistry. We don’t accept anything less than that. How we do it is with total commitment to each individual patient. And why we do this – because we want highest quality for our patients.

We are not a clinic that guarantees the cheapest implants that will give you a bright smile in two days. Why? Because we are a clinic whose mission is quality, and whose measure is responsibility. Because we want the result of our work to last a long time. Because we don’t want you to have a problem. Because we stand behind our work.

At this place you can get only the highest quality with the highest staff expertise. At Markov Dental Clinic, we use and install only premium quality materials and products. We don’t settle for mediocrity and we don’t settle for work that isn’t outstanding.

We are the clinic that dentists and oral surgeons send patients to in difficult cases, because we know how to handle it. When we finish the surgical part of the treatment, patients return to their dentist for further planned and agreed treatment. In case you don’t have your own dentist, we are here to provide you with full support.

We always have an open door for fellow dentists who want to cooperate for the benefit of the patient. We provide individual and group education. In addition to advice and superior surgical service, we offer full support in case of complications, which we solve professionally and enthusiastically.

Our work is documented. Every patient referred for a specialist examination receives a report on the examination. Each patient is informed in advance about the costs. We do not give or stamp fictitious guarantees. We stand behind everything with our professional and personal integrity.

maksilofacijalni hirurg

Zygomatic implants
All on 4

All on 4 dental implants are one of the permanent solutions for missing teeth. All on 4 construction consists of a whole set of teeth that rest on four dental implants. Dentures (teeth) that are fixed in this way are more permanent. It is possible to permanently fix the prosthesis, or allow the patient to remove it at home. The biggest advantage of this treatment is that the prosthesis is placed immediately, so it is possible to immediately replace the missing teeth.

all on 4 zubni implanti

Dental implantsAll on 4

The most common solution with zygomatic implants is the all on 4 construction on zygomatic implants.

When dental implants are needed
How long does installation take?

Zubni implantiYour path to

We will make sure that the installation of dental implants is a pleasant experience for you. We strive to be extremely dedicated to each patient.

Step 1

Contact us, we want to hear your problem

Contact us using the contact form and send us an question describing what you need. Our expert surgeons will look at it, ask for any additional information if needed, and provide a proposal for the interventions you need to do in order to to achieve the desired results. Getting dental implants is a serious investment and we want you to feel safe throughout the process.

kontaktirajte nas

Step 2

Send us shots and preferences

The more information we have about your current situation, what you want to achieve and what possibilities you have, the more precise answer we will be able to give you. The installation of dental implants sometimes requires additional interventions, and it is certainly necessary to pay special attention to each patient. Every patient is a special story and we approach you individually.

stomatolog novi sad

Step 3

Examination and consultation

When we enter the process of installing dental implants, live meeting with the surgeon is very important. This is the only way we will be able to create a realistic plan for you. Our goal is to inform you about everything from the very beginning and we do not work in such a way that we inform you of “hidden costs” later. We will make a detailed plan according to your condition, wishes and possibilities.



Step 4

Installation of dental implants

After we have made a plan for the installation of dental implants, agreed on everything together and guided you through the process, the next step is the installation of dental implants itself. Sometimes it is necessary to carry out additional interventions in order to ensure the conditions for the installation of dental implants. For example, if there is missing bone in the jaw, we perform a reconstruction, and it is often necessary to perform a sinus lift procedure before installing dental implants.


Step 5

Control examination

Control examinations serve to seek out the success of the performed interventions.

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Price of
zygomatic implants

The price of zygomatic implants depends on the market, quality and experience of the surgeon who installs them. It is important that the zygomatic dental implants you install are from the highest quality manufacturer, so that they are permanent. The price of zygomatic dental implants indicates dedication and quality.

  • Zygomatic dental implants
Premium class implant - Ankylos dental implants (without superstructure)
Installing a premium quality dental implant.
Premium class implant - Nobel biocare dental implants (without superstructure)
Installing a premium quality dental implant.
Sinus lift (open)
Bone augmentation in the area of the bottom of the sinus by adding artificial bone in order to create the conditions for the installation of the implant by making access through the external wall of the sinus.
Zygomatic implant (zygoma implant)
Nobel biocare premium class zygomatic implant.
Installation of collagen membrane
Implantation of a collagen membrane for the purpose of bone augmentation
Application of artificial bone (0.5 g)
Artificial bone installation
Metalkeramic crown on implants (with superstructure)
Fabrication of a metalkeramic crown on premium implants with a suprastructure
Metalkeramic crown on implants part in bridge
Production of a metalkeramic crown member in the construction of premium implants
Non-metallic crown (zirconium) on implants (with superstructure)
Production of a non-metallic ceramic crown (zirconium) on premium implants with a suprastructure
Non-metallic crown (zirconium) part in bridge
Production of a non-metallic ceramic crown (zirconium) of the member in the construction of premium implants
Hybrid bridge on 6 implants
Production of a hybrid bridge on a structure of 6 premium implants
Hybrid bridge on 4 implants
Production of a hybrid bridge on a structure of 4 premium implants
Periimplantia treatment

*Prices are expressed in euros

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