Iskustvo bračnog para iz Australije

It’s in my nature to be very cautious about anything to do with my health. As one who has endured several bouts of severe pain, and experienced a severe heart condition that threatened my wife’s life, I’ve come to realise that it’s often only when pain intervenes that we truly appreciate just how precious it is to enjoy good health. And so it was with trepidation and anxiety that my wife and I sought treatment for dental conditions whilst visiting the country of our birth and early married life.

As Australian residents for over 50 years we’ve been beneficiaries of some excellent medical intervention. In Serbia, amongst friends and family members, we had many recommendations for fine dental clinics. We quickly discovered through numerous consultations that these clinics in Belgrade and Novi Sad invariably have a very professional façade where the dental technicians make bold promises of amazing outcomes to instantly relieve pain and permanently restore oral health. However, my own background investigations began to reveal fallacies in their treatment plans and only served to heighten my anxiety levels. This was until my consultation with Mr. Borislav Markov at the Markov Dental Clinic in Novi Sad. His more conservative approach, to be patient and lengthen the course of my treatments to allow my gums more time to heal between visits, struck a chord of confidence with me that eventually won my trust.

Today I am very thankful for his wise advice. The procedure of having screws and implants fitted to my gums inevitably stretched out over 12 months and required 2 visits to my homeland. Complications during my initial treatment included a major 3-hour surgery that temporarily grounded me in Serbia for fears that pressure changes in air travel could cause my gums to collapse. Had I accepted the more immediate interventions advised by Mr. Markov’s contemporaries I’m certain that my complications would have had much more serious consequences and that I would not be enjoying my current level of oral health. Since my own successful intervention my wife has also benefitted from Mr. Markov’s expertise having undergone treatment that was sensitive to the delicate health of her heart.

I have no hesitation in endorsing the Markov Dental Clinic, especially Mr. Borislav Markov. What elevates his approach over that proffered by the numerous other flashy clinics in this region is his dedication to ensuring the best possible outcome for the unique needs of each of his clients.

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