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Maxillofacial surgery and implantology are fields that,​ except medical and dental knowledge, call for continual practice and manual skills. It is impossible to perform surgery occasionally, once or twice a month. What we do are top quality surgery and dentistry. We do not accept any less than that. Complete dedication to every individual patient is our way of doing it. And why we do it that way- because we want top quality for our patients.

We are not the clinic that guarantees the cheapest implants that will give you a two-day shining smile. Why? Because our mission as the clinic is the quality, and we find it our responsibility. Because we want the results of our work to last for a long time. Because we do not want you to have a problem. Because we stand behind our work.

At this place, you can only get the highest quality with the highest professionalism of the staff. At Markov Dental Clinic we use and install only premium quality materials and products. We do not accept average and we do not accept work that is not extraordinary.

We are a clinic where dentists and oral surgeons send their patients when a case is difficult because we know how to deal with it. When we finish the surgical part of the treatment, patients return to their dentist for further planned treatment. In case you do not have your dentist, we are here to give you our full support.

Behind our words stand our deeds. Behind our deeds stands our knowledge.

Our door will always be open for our fellow dentists that want to cooperate for the full benefit of the patient. We provide individual and group education. In addition to advice and top quality surgical services, we offer full support in the case of complications that we deal with professionally and enthusiastically.

Our work is well documented. Each patient that comes with a referral letter will receive a report. Each patient is informed about costs in advance. We do not give nor seal fictitious guarantees. We stand behind everything with our professional and personal integrity.

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How It Works?

Here at Markov Dental Clinic, we have two favourite moments, the first one is when the new patient contact us. For us, it means a new adventure and a new chance to make someones’ smile healthy and beautiful.

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Send us a contact request.

Call us: + 381 21 300 65 21

E-mail us:

Contact us and attach close-up photographs or/and X-ray image or/and treatment plan from your local dentist or visit us for a consultation.

Behind our words stand our deeds. Behind our deeds stands our knowledge. What we do are top quality surgery and dentistry. We do not accept any less than that. Complete dedication to every individual patient is our way of doing it.

That is why treatment plan is one of the most important steps to your new, beautiful and healthy smile.

We will send you an initial treatment plan and quote based on the provided information.

It will contain a dental plan and estimated cost of treatment* and timeline of the treatment.

Our doctors will do their best to give you the most acurate treatment estimate as possible and will try to create a valid treatment plan and quote based on the accuracy of the provided information.

What we promise you – You will fall in love with Novi Sad!

Also, this is the moment when the journey of falling in love with your smile starts too.

The nearest airport to Novi Sad is Nikola Tesla airport, which is about one hour ride. See flights to Nikola Tesla airport. Also, we can arrange for your transfer from the airport to Novi Sad.

We are here for every information that you need.

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We are here to help you find great accommodation!
If you need any help in finding accommodation, we can arrange this for you.
The great part about Novi Sad is that you can find great accommodation for a really fair and cheap price.

You will be taken to our dental clinic for an initial dental examination, during which an individual treatment plan will be created and discussed with the dentist or surgeon specialising in the required field of dentistry.

The treatment plan we made before will have configuration if needed and we will start the procedures.

After all the procedures are done, the dentist will check the results, sum up the whole treatment and give you instructions on how to take care of your teeth after the treatment.

This is the moment where we reveal you our second favourite thing – your happy, healthy, beautiful smile! We are already excited, aren’t you?

The next step is to enjoy your new smile. We will stay in touch and monitor the healing process.

We like to say that Markov Dental Clinic smiles are all over the world. Those are the perks of being a dentist. We hope to see you at our office!